What People Say, Since 2005

“Thank you Mr Gendry! I walked into your laughter session very depressed. It was Easter week-end and I was very lonely. What you had me do did not just lift stress from my body, it lifted it from my soul.”Reggie Wells, Make-Up Artist Of Oprah Winfrey

Thanks for a great training. I enjoyed it a great deal and learned a lot.  You have a great presence.  In ministry we call it ‘A ministry of presence.’ I was actually quite surprised how spiritual the training was as well. You are a great public servant, truly inspirational. I hope our paths cross again.”  Rev. Scott Lovaas, LCSW PhD

Your presentation was really incredible for our clients. Most of their reactions and feedback was unlike anything I’ve heard from them before. They felt incredibly empowered and truly thankful. It was really amazing to be a witness to something so great.” – Robin Petering, Prototypes

“You wiped away the doubts I had about my ability to conduct classes. I thank you very much  for your fun, entertaining and informative seminar.” Elsie Blum, 89

“Thanks for an amazing training. You are an amazing soul and I feel privileged to be your student.”Vicki Howie, Yoga Teacher

“Sebastian is an extraordinary leader in Wellness and Transformation through the use of laughter as an educational and wellness process. I am still implementing Sebastian’s ideas and strategies in my own work in Wellness and Transformation.” Stephen Findley, Professional Motivational Speaker

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful training we had in NYC. I am working as a camp counselor over the summer and I use what I learned in the training with you on the children daily! It’s great, I also use it with my clowning gigs too. Thank you again for everything I learned!” Debbie Roberge aka Sparkles the clown!

I often see your face and hear your positive affirmations you shared with us during our workshop. My energy level and happiness have increased tons since attending your workshop. Thank you for what you do!!!” Karla Bruning, MD

“Your training marks one of those memorable times that remain captured in my heart. I will look forward for our paths to cross somewhere down the line. I know it will happen. The workshop couldn’t have been better.” Pauline Morrison, Mom, Grandmon, wife to one of modern history’s greatest toy inventor.

“That you soooooo much for the training. I started working this into my yoga straight away. It has be really fun. It has been very beneficial at the Colorado Mental Health, Community Hospital and my gentle classes with the elderly. Thanks heaps and hope to work with you again in the near future.”Suzi Potratz, Yoga Teacher

“I am filled with gratitude for my laughter training with you. What a Joy it is to meet another laughing heart and open mind. I honor your generous, joyous service to humanity and your ability to meet each person right where they are, and give each one an opportunity to meet themselves through the practice of laughter. You are a skilled and inspiring teacher with so much to give, and you give it freely. Thank You!” Jean Roorda, Life Coach, Singer

“Thanks for a wonderful training — I had a terrific time. C’etait magnifique!, as we say in Brooklyn . I am delighted I got to learn from you and to spend two days in your marvelous presence.” Bruce Schaffer, Lawyer

I enjoyed the workshop tremendously. When I was driving to work Monday, my heart was still full of love for all who were in the class, the heart-laugh rays still going very strong. Laughter without humor is great.” Adrie Min, Physiotherapist.

“This training has been the best I have ever had. Everything was perfect and beyond my expectation. It truly opened my eyes, ears, heart, body, mind and soul.” Lian Havro, School Teacher

“Thanks for offering a thoroughly delightful laughter course! Not only did I have a very good time but also I learnt many tricks of the trade that I will be using in my presentations in future. Thanks again for everything.” Sharmi Mehta, Professional Motivational Speaker

I am a retired school teacher, and I am now teaching at the college level in a community college here in San Antonio in the Kinesiology department. I teach yoga and step aerobics classes. I also teach in a couple of retirement communities, a corporate fitness center and a yoga studio. I’m telling you all that because for about 38 years, I have been attending educational, fitness, and yoga workshops. Yours is by far the best workshop I have been to in all these years. I found myself so focused on all you were teaching. I never looked at the clock, and I found myself not wanting the workshop to end. That is saying a lot for someone who has been in education for as long as I have and attended the thousands of workshops that are required. I went wanting to learn more about Laughter Yoga to help all of my students, but found that your entire workshop was also a session for my own personal growth. I have studied and taught yoga for years, but you clarified, enhanced and expanded my knowledge of yoga tremendously. It all came together so much more for me. You have truly found your purpose in life and what a service you are doing for humanity and peace. I hope our paths cross again. Thank you for your teachings, your enthusiasm, the loving and fun way you teach. You are a blessing to all who have the opportunity to learn from you.” Ruth Luna

“Thank you for the really wonderful laughter training. I’m knocked out both by the possibilities that my new laughter skills opened for me and also by your inspiring leadership in the field. You’ve opened my eyes in so many ways. And though I have some practicing to do, I already feel more than prepared to lead my first session this coming week. I look forward to future trainings with you and will certainly recommend your workshop to other potential laughter professionals. Keep up the great work — the world needs your skills, smiles, and inspiration.” Dex Graham, Master Fitness Trainer

“Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the AWESOME FULL DAYS OF LAUGHTER! The training was wonderful. Today I taught 2 yoga classes, one of which is a rather advanced hatha yoga, where students do headstands, handstands, cartwheels, you name it, they do it. Half way through the class we did a squat which very quickly turned into a frog, complete with the hopping around, the frog sound and the puffiness of a frog hopping away. Not a plan, spontaneous happening, the next few poses were full of giggles and laughter, everyone left the class beaming. I can hardly wait for tomorrow to incorporate it into the chair yoga class. Thank you again, you are an awesome teacher/leader!” Emily Slonina, Yoga, Meditation, Trager, Reiki & EFT practitioner

Thanks so much! We are having a blast sharing the laughter. We meet just once a week, but there are between 10 – 15 people attending which I think is a great start. You are so right about it being a natural publicity draw. A new Kansas City magazine came last week to take pictures. The local newspaper is coming next week. It is great. Gwyneth was at the national Women e-network conference last weekend and ended up leading an impromptu laughter session for the 2,500 women attending. It was a great hit and I believe she will be invited to be a scheduled presenter at the next conference. I imagine you hear stories quite regularly about the light and love you spread with your work, but I thought I’d send you a little update about the Plaza Wellspring group.” Linda Putthoff, Yoga Studio Owner

Extra big thanks to you for the Rifle laughter training. It has impacted my life profoundly. I have already told everyone with whom I have come in contact all about this unbelievably fantastic program. I find myself laughing aloud alone in my vehicle. Moreover, I remember that one of your goals was to influence positively those whom you teach. Well, I can honestly say that you reached that goal with me. You are an extraordinary person with fabulous gifts that, thankfully, you share.” Pat Bolles, Cameraman

“I am writing this almost 3 weeks out from the training and I am still amazingly inspired by Sebastian Gendry’s laughter teacher training. His instruction gave us all roots and wings – roots in the basics of the Laughter Wellness principles, and wings to allow us to use our creativity in conducting our own sessions. Sebastian was open, caring, and very playful and amusing. He connected with all of us and made our experience very meaningful. I highly recommend this training to everyone who is seeking the path of joy – especially if you wish to share that path with others.” Tiel Healy, Energy Healer

“Your workshop was a great investment for me.”

“You moved my heart strings and touched me deeply”

“The Laughter Wellness exercises have brought me back to connecting and focusing on my goals, worthiness and your influence has been extraordinary and beneficial.”

“Thanks again for being such an incredible instructor and helping us all to get so silly! I had no idea how transformational it would be to receive PERMISSION to laugh (especially in a school) as I’d always considered myself pretty optimistic and open to humor to begin with. Now, I make it a point to give a huge smile away to everyone I meet or make eye contact with, and it’s amazing how that little gesture can change your entire world.”

“This was a personalized, phenomenally effective, fun, challenging, joy-filled laughter training! I loved your teaching methods to tell, to show and then have us practice. What a powerfully, effective method to use.”

“Thank you so much for an experience that far exceeded my expectations. I came in expecting to add an enjoyable something new to my “bag of tricks” to help others, and found myself transforming my own attitude and reactions toward stress and problems that have beset me for several years. As a yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, and vision improvement teacher, I have always personally reaped the benefits of what I shared with others, but Laughter Wellness has put things in perspective as never before. You have lightened my heart and opened my eyes and mind…..thank you laughs forever!”

“I just want to say thank you so much for such a wonderful learning experience at the laughter training. My face still hurts from laughing so hard and “feeling the Love”. This is such a perfect fit for you… Your passion and sincerity comes through so loud and clear. Your teaching style is so gentle and patient and you put things in terms that are easy to understand. I loved how you could just be sitting so still and you would make a very subtle facial expression with a slight smile and it would crack everyone up. And instead of stopping there, you’d continue to build on it, never breaking the mood. Very talented. ”

“Thank you so much for your heartfelt facilitation during the certification program and your authentic nature. I also really appreciated the spiritual aspects that you brought into the process.”

“You are a fantastic teacher. I led my first laughter group this week and it was AMAZING!!!! OH my goodness! 18 actually showed up and we had a ball! I went through a laughter meditation at the end that took many to tears of joy, otherwise it was all laughter. One woman showed up in pain, her pain was gone by mid class. Another who has fibermialgia had no pain and had forgotten to take her meds. Two who almost did not come but decided they would, were the hardest laughers and could not stop at the end It was moving! I am so thankful for the experience and more grateful even that I just did it!”

“Yippee!! Thank you for all you add to this glorious concept! The training was inspiring and educational – I only wish I wrote more down.”

“Thank you for the extraordinary training. It was a true celebration of the spirit of laughter. You are an amazing, creative and gifted teacher. Your commitment, efforts, style of delivery and organizational skills are inspiring. And your personal charm and presence are a beautiful addition. VERY GOOD – VERY GOOD – YEAAAA !!!!!! I am super grateful for the whole experience…..it really changed my life.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful laughter training session. It was one of the most uplifting and informative professional seminars I have attended. Your holistic approach to wellness through laughter is exciting. I am confident that the skills I learned in this session will open many new doors and benefit me for the rest of my life. Thanks again!”

“Underlying all my many other experiences was an almost surreal awareness that I was among kindred spirits, a feeling that grew in depth during the training … It was powerful. I felt as though I’d come home after a long absence…

“It was just great. I feel really inspired to start a laughter club and spread joy and laughter. Heartfelt thanks for all you do”

“It was excellent! Invigorating, informative, practical, sequential, logical, clear. Thanks for giving!”

“You are a wonderful and efficient leader and trainer. I am so lucky that I decided to take the training. I gained a lot out of it. Thank you again!”

“It was really special and beautiful to share this time with you. I’m still flying high….and spreading the joy!”

…and so many more!