Fun Facts.


  • Started to sleep under his bed frame at age 4 because “all explorers sleep in a tent.”
  • Fell in love with computers at age 14. Programming in BASIC replaced listening to international broadcastings on the AM shortwave frequency as his new hobby.
  • Hitch-hiked around Southern Europe during his summer vacations at age 15 and 16, around Northern Europe at age 17, and around the world for the first time at age 18. (He has since done that over 22 times.)
  • Developed a keen interest for writing and action photography in his late teens. Put that into practice by working for 4 years as a part-time sports journalist to pay for his travels and university studies. Juggled a 60 hours / week schedule between work and studying while his friends partied.
  • Spoke 4 languages fluently by the time he was 21 (French, English, German, Spanish). Worked as a professional interpreter for the French army for 1 year. Learned Italian for fun in his down time.
  • Soldiering made him fit. Ran 5 marathons and 1 ultra-marathon (100 kilometers).
  • Worked for 18 months in the import-export trade out of Zagreb (Croatia), Vienna (Austria) and Hong Kong after obtaining his B.A. in international business from Angers University, France, then moved to London, UK, to work in the computer industry.
  • Founded with 2 partners in 1995 and opted out 7 years later for health and personal reasons. EIMS was already a multi million £ operation at that point.
  • Developed an interest in the healing arts in 1998, trained for 3 years in his spare time in 9 different body-work and healing modalities and got professionally certified as Swedish, Sports, Thai, and Indian Head-Massage Therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapy I and II, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master. Decided to become an Osteopathic Doctor in 2001, successfully passed the entry exams of the London School of Osteopathy, but unexpected events happened that summer and he opted for a different life path.
  • Sebastian is one of the masterminds that helped shape Laughter Yoga to what it is today. He embraced this movement at a crucial time in its history, and played a major role in introducing it in the USA and other countries. He has personally inspired the creation of several hundred Community Laughter Clubs around the world.

25 Questions & Answers.


1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
The unexpected wit of Stanley Unwin (ask youtube and see for yourself.)

2. What is your favorite anecdote?
It’s easy for me to get distracted with mundane stuff when I get in a creative space. I have frequently tried to brush my teeth with shaving cream. Tried to take an airplane once 24 hours ahead of schedule.

3. What book changed your life?
Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda.

4. What books do you have on your bedside table?
No books anymore: it’s called an iPad that’s connected to the e-catalog of the L.A. library, which is to say a great number of libraries around the world. I read a lot and it’s simply amazing (and free.)

5. What books would you recommend?
The answer was, is, and always will be “it depends”: how full or hungry are you?

6. Do you have a writing routine?
By force: Yes. They’re called emails.
By choice: Yes, every single day, with the only exception of the days when I don’t write.

7. What are some of your personal quirks?
Am very health conscious and prepare/bake/cook/dehydrate/sprout most of everything I eat myself. Haven’t seen a TV add in years (I don’t have a TV and block online ads.) I use food and very simple things to heal people in my family. Haven’t been sick or taken medication since I left the army 23 years ago.

8. Do you think criticism helps any?
Not the beginning of the fraction of the shadow of 1.

9. Do you have any definite ideas or projects for the future?
Yes, and so should you. Always keep your dreams alive and do your best to achieve them. Our brain starts to die when we stop creating.

10. Who is your humor/comedy/laughter inspiration?
Jesus. (I’ve posted some pictures at

11. In what place are you happiest?
My heart.

12. What’s your favorite place to visit?
Sacred spaces. I love heart-opening vibrations.

13. What drives you on?

14. What is your biggest extravagance?
You’re a curious one, aren’t you.
Did a full round-the-world trip last summer (84 days) which I organized 2 months before, and got paid to do it.

15. What is your greatest achievement so far?
Who doesn’t love the Laughter Online University?

16. What is your greatest disappointment?
I once lost track of the essential and got involved into a lawsuit. I deeply regret not having had the courage to say “I’m not comfortable with this situation anymore. You keep the money. I’m off. Blessings to you. Bye.”

17. What is your most memorable experience with your audience?
In general: When hearts open, judgements vanish, we transcend duality and all become souls here, now, choosing to enjoy each other’s company.
In particular: The above doesn’t happen every time, but often enough to make it impossible to single out any one particular event.

18. How much of your work is autobiographical?
I don’t understand the question, so here is my answer: I am an Innerpreneur. If what I do doesn’t help me grow I don’t do it.

19. What is the best and worst thing of being an laughter wellness coach?
+ Being in a creative, open-hearted space.
– Having to run a business and being cerebral.

20. What is your take on life and death?
In general: What we each believe only matters as far as the impact it has on our everyday life. Are your beliefs helping you becoming daily a better version of yourself?
Specifically: I’d argue that most people are not afraid of dying but of truly living.

21. Do you believe in euthanasia?
I’m guessing you’re asking if I agree with it.
I refuse to give a general answer to what will always be specific situations. Kindly be more specific.

22. How would you like to be remembered?
A feeling of warmth in your heart, a big smile on your face, and a tear in your eye when you think of me.

23. Do you have an advice to the world?
Do more. Talk less. WWJD?

24. Do you believe in afterlife?
I do, and since it’s my opinion I am right.

25. Famous last words?
It is very beautiful over there.

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